Build Your Own Pad

Making your own DDR/ITG Pad with arcade sensors

Before you get started, note this is an advanced build, so some knowledge of building things is highly recommended. That said, I tried to make it as simple and easy for people to follow and build their own! I’m not responsible for any injuries obtained, and please follow your tools’ safety features. Have fun, and get building!

Please read through the whole thing at least once and make a plan, as it will help you simplify and not mess up!

If you found this useful, or just wanna support all the time, energy, and money I’ve put into this, here’s a way to do so. It’s totally optional, but appreciated if you do so!


Examples of a near-finished pad, traditional style with brackets.



Parts List:

Item Use Qty
1×2 Non-arrow risers  3
2×3 Frame parts 2
2×8  Bar base/back of pad 1
⅜” OSB / plywood Non-arrow toppers 1
1/8″ hardboard Top non-arrow  1
O-Rings 10mm OD 6mm ID 2mm Width These help reduce noise/wear on the bolt to the lexan panels 16
1/4” or ⅜” OSB/plywood Arrow wells 1
½” MDF Base 1
Screws and glue Titebond glue  is always a good choice! (Quick & Thick is handy since it dries a bit faster) but any wood glue should work  
M6 x 8-12 mm Non-arrow holders 20
M6 T-Nut Holder for arrows and non-arrow tops 36
M6 x 30mm flanged button head socket screw Hold arrows 16
3/8” 11”x11” lexan (polycarbonate) Arrows 4
Wire (~18-22ga works fine)   A box 
^*15pin DSUB/vga connector M/F set 1 for the pad, 1 for the control box 1 set
^*15pin DSUB/vga extension cable   1
DDR sensors   16
YLR-02V (female plug) Female connectors for sensors 16
SYM-41T-P0. 5A (pins) Pins for the female plug 32
3d printed sensor holders Free STLs for personal use 16
½” #6 screws Hold the sensors holders 32
^*6x buttons for control box   6
Arduino Micro / Leonardo AtMega32U !–must be the 32u chipset–! 1
3d printed control box insert Optional if you want to embed the arduino cleanly  
USB-C breakout board   1
  Todo: add bar parts  
  Todo: add bar parts  
  Todo: add bar parts  
  Todo: add bar parts  
*LED lights 12v/5v  Optional arrow lights 4
**26 gauge sheet metal 12”x24” (fancy option to go over hardboard) 3

^* Technically this is not needed if you plan on only using the pad as the 4 panels and control stepmania with a keyboard
* Lights are not necessary, but I’m putting them here for those who may want to do so. My current design does not include support for them, but will hopefully in the future.

**The sheet metal is nice, but adds cost and is harder to work with. You can only use the hardboard instead. If you decide you want the metal later, you can also do that with a simple upgrade.

The main components you can get from your local hardware store or Amazon (links TBD). The harder things I’ll add some links, but I also will provide a simple kit for you to purchase from me. It’ll help support me for all the work I did for this, as well as make things easier for you to source.