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How to Build Your Own DDR Pad


DESIGNING & Creating an assortment OF ITEMS

I’ve been making DDR/ITG related things since around 2003 when I first heard of the game. Back in the days of softpads, I saw there was a need of improvement.

I built multiple versions, but nothing quite satisfied my needs, and I lost interest as I got involved with my college degree. I always wished I could have owned a real machine one day though.

Now that I’ve graduated, I was able to find myself a real machine! However, it still needed work, as it was the American (Raw Thrills) X2 cab. I rewired the whole machine, made upgrades, and now it’s great. 

Then I learned others wanted replacement and upgrade parts for there machines, so I decided to offer that to those in need. I started with replacement arrow panels using higher quality parts, and things progressed from there…

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