FSR Plug-n-Play Upgrade Kit


FSR Upgrade Kit! Easily convert your pad to support FSRs.

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I’ve been wanting for this to happen, and I finally have it to a point I’m happy with.

The kit allows you to easily upgrade your inner sensors closest to the center panel into FSRs on a regular arcade stage.

  • (4x) Official Interlink FSRs
  • Soldered connections so no worry about vibrations to make them come loose
  • Sensor holder
  • PCB
  • Support for RGB LEDs (coming soon)
  • Also requires an old sensor at this time. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to functional at all.

Utilizes licensed code and tool via: https://github.com/electromuis/analog-dance-pad/releases 

Download the “adp-tol.exe” for Windows to set your thresholds.¬† Linux should also be supported, but I have not tested it myself.


Beta versions have been thoroughly tested through a number of players with very good results.


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